About Us

The Keloid Academy was founded in 2023 by Lamont R. Jones, MD, MBA, to empower people living with keloids and to support new and ongoing research about the condition. Despite the advancements in medical knowledge and technology, keloids are still a challenging condition to treat. We understand the transformative change of a united community, and we’re working to build that community by connecting patients with up-to-date information and knowledgeable medical providers. We strive to achieve this through a five-step plan that includes:

  • Increasing education and awareness 
  • Encouraging research and development 
  • Promoting evidence-based treatment and care 
  • Creating a community of belonging and 
  • Supporting advocacy and policy development 

Mission Statement

At Keloid Academy, our mission is to educate and inform the public and health science community about keloid disease, its treatments, ongoing research and innovative solutions. We strive to increase awareness and understanding of this condition, empowering those affected to make informed decisions about their care. Through our dedication to encouraging research and promoting innovation in the field, we aim to improve the lives of those living with keloid disease and provide hope for a future without this condition.

Lamont R. Jones



Vision Statement

Our vision at Keloid Academy is to be the leading educator and innovative catalyst for a world free from keloid disease.